Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sight seeing in Tucson with daughter Stacie Oct 18-25, 2014

We have a 1bedroom park model, but we have a futon and a sleeper couch on our deck. Stacie likes to sleep in the cool, we opened up the sleeper couch on the deck and put the futon mattress on top. She said she was snug as a bug in a rug and slept really good. It was so fun to have her here, we walked most mornings and visited a mile a minute.

 Our first sighting seeing day we went to the Casa Granda Ruins. It was very interesting and had some great exhibits in the museum. Our next stop was Biosphere 2.

We took the tour and really learned so much. It was all done in the mid 80's but I was not really interested then, but it sure is fascinating now. Good subject to look up on the internet.

We didn't start early enough to do a good job of walking through the Senora Desert Museum. It was so hot by the time we got there and it was close to noon. Who in their  right mind would choose to walk in the desert at noon? We walked far enough to see the humming birds and a cave.

In the cave they had ears you could try on so you could understand how small animals with big ears had such good hearing. AMAZING!!

We got an early start and wow this was so interesting, again you should look it up on the internet. This whole facility had such powerful history.

I was chosen to be the "commander", with all the responsibility's and duty's. The president gave the order to launch and I turned on the key and pushed the button. The safeguards are amazing, we sure would not have wanted some one to push the button without the order and authority.

The picture below and to the right are the control panels I was looking at.

In the afternoon we went to Nogales, Mexico for me to go to the dentist and lunch. We went to "La Roca".  Our waiter brought the menu over and it was on the big rolling screen. The food was delicious and the service was wonderful. We had a great time, and when lunch was over we were all ready to go home.

On Friday morning we went to the Pima Air and Space Museum. It was very interesting and the weather was really hot. We took a tram ride through  the planes, it would have been ok, but the sound system went out and the guide had to almost yell.

We had such fun with Stacie, never a dull moment. We are so blessed. We would like to encourage all of our friends and family to come and visit, as you can see, it's not camping but close.

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